Falcon Series

Falcon Series
Falcon Series

Intelligent Sorting Technology

  •  Automatic Sensitivity setter
  • Scanning of the products


  • RGB Holographic Camera
  • Innovative optical system
  • Image Resolution : 262 Mega Pixel
  • 3D & HD Imaging

Lighting Background

  • True color background LED
  • 16 millions colours can be
  • Created in the background
  • Control over lighting efficiently


  • Metallic Body
  • Serviceable
  • Long life
  • High Frequency
  • Ultra low air consumption

Shape Sorting

  • Sort the product based on shape

User Interface

  • User Friendly Interface

Defect Size

  • Capable to identify defect size as               
  • Small as 0.02 sq. mm

Flip Sorting

  • Acts as a mirror

Intelligent Deashing

  • Real time deashing and more     
  • Reasonable deashing interval

Low Temperature Emitting LED Light Source

  • More energy saving
  • Durable

Central position elimination technology

  • Target the central position of the               
  • Product with uniform forces and
  • Result in smart output.

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