Zervi Series

Zervi series is one of the most advanced offerings that we offer. The Zervi color sorter comes in 4 variations, 10 Chute, 12 Chute, 13 Chute and 16 Chute.

Zervi 10 Chute

Zervi 12 Chute

Zervi 13 Chute

Zervi 16 Chute


This is the latest high-end sorter available in the industry

It has the holographic camera of 262 mega pixels with a capacity to detect the product in HD, 360 deg view, 3D & panoramic view.

These machines are widely used in both rice & non-rice segment with the highest accuracy of more than 30:1 rejection ratio.

The sizes range from 10 modules to 16 modules and capacities ranging from 9TPH to 18 TPH depending on the bulk density of materials & input contaminations.


  1. Skyeye platform: Mobile end carries wise brain wisdom control screen Integrated bridge to reach the goal that the customer can supervise the production, processing and sorting adjustment parameters of equipment at any time and in any place.
  2. High-speed Dialogue platform : Mobile end carries customer, service engineer and color sorter dialogue channel to realize high-speed communication, diagnose equipment faults. achieve perfect solution online and eliminate the losses caused by the equipment’s shutdown for repair.
  3. Self-optimizing platform : Mobile end carries renewal detecting algorithm to realize one-click version/language renewal iteration so as to bring customers the highest-quality operation control experience.

Wise brain wisdom control screen

Wise brain wisdom control screen adopts affinitive texture, with sensitive touch but without drifting, with response time of only 0.1ms and better light transmittance. It can adapt to multi-scene human eye lighting automatic compensation brightness output.

It carries black shield technology to effectively prevent scratch and have lighting surge protection. The equipment stability is beyond our imagination.  

Self-collaborative sensor network

Adopt military-grade mass information communication system, match dialogue SOC, to improve the transmission rate of more than 4 times and realize high unity of complete machine information such as material characteristic collection, data analysis, mechanical action and accurate elimination.

Holographic Flash Camera

Provide the HD image of as high as 262 mega pixel, match loop self-healing lens to realize 360° perfect panorama reappearance of material and more precise and clearer quantum-level recognition.

Multi-dimension space center positioning

Integrate with light spectrum, mass spectrum, color and shape multi-dimension space data to realize accurate collection of quantum-level original characteristics of material. Wisdom refactoring material model places the characteristics of bad material in the material center and matches accurate pneumatic system to realize the center positioning elimination. The ratio of color separation mass is close to "0".

Multiple induction self-adaption background

Light source background integrating with full spectrum technology, flexible switch among more than 16 million colors, adjust background color according to the different wisdom compensation brightness output of the material to be sorted in real time to guarantee the best scanning of holographic flash camera.

Wise brain strategy

Wise brain strategy memorizes the customer's daily sorting scenario, collects data and deeply deduces, really recovers customer's sorting psychological prototype, optimizes and achieves super profit sorting solution. Realize one-key start of the equipment wisdom sorting without manual intervention.

Magnetic intelligence control pneumatic  system

Belong to exclusive European standard configuration in the industry, make use of magnetic coupling principle to realize soft contact of function accessories. The service life reaches as long as 12 billion times. It matches the equipment throughout its life. Have wisdom airflow control, accurate airflow control and better ratio of color separation mass. INTELLIGENT ALGORITHM UPGRADED CONFIGURATION ULTRA CAPACITY

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