Model UAC- 100,   UAC-150

Unique Aspiration channel is meant for separation of lightweight particles from grain and  

The product flows through an inlet and is fed to the oscillating feeder which spreads it uniformly along the width of the channel. The aspirating air flows through the channel and separates the lightweight particles and carry them upward. The heavier main product drops down by gravity.

Its steel body with adjustable feeding and aspiration system which is easy to clean.

Technical Specification

Model Capacity (t/h) Power (hp) Dimension [L X W X H] weight in Kg
UAC - 100 6 to 8 0.5 hp 1080 X800 X 1450 95

UAC - 100 8 to 10 0.5 hp 1580 X800 X 1450 102

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