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FRK Fortified Rice Kernel

Hot selling FRK fortified rice making machine reshape rice production line.
FRK Fortified Rice Kernel

Rice, a staple food for billions of people worldwide, is a valuable source of carbohydrates. But what if this dietary staple could be transformed into a powerful vehicle for essential nutrients, helping to address widespread malnutrition? That’s where Fortified Rice Kernels (FRK) come into play, revolutionizing the way we combat nutritional deficiencies.

The FRK Features

At the forefront of this innovation is Unique Sorter Pvt Ltd, a leading color sorter supplier dedicated to improving global nutrition through their top-of-the-line equipment. Let’s delve into the remarkable features of their FRK processing machinery:

ProductDimension [mtrs]Specifications
1. Rice Grinder FS800 56.6KW6500x1500x35001. Contact material 304 material;
2. Crushing particle size: 10-120 mesh;
3. Rotor diameter: 800mm;
1. AHE78 Twin Screw Extruder Mold -170mm dia 90 KW
2. AHE78 Heating 30 KW
3. AHE78 Cutter 2.2 KW
4. AHE78 Feed 1.5 KW
6400x1300x26001. Transmission: Equipped with torque protection coupling;
2. Barrel: High quality wear-resistant alloy sleeve embedded in the cavity; Five independent extruder chambers with injection ports and independent temperature control systems;
3. The screw is a combination structure, composed of a core shaft and various spiral components. The core shaft is an involute spline, and the spiral components are designed using three-dimensional software based on the principle of complete meshing and CNC machining, with high accuracy. The material is made of high wear-resistant alloy steel;
4. The maximum speed of the gearbox is 600r/min
5. Rotary cutting: Stainless steel 304 material rotary cutting cover, which can be connected to the hot air circulation or moisture removal system; Directly connected to the motor, stable cutting, and uniform product;
6. Control: All device control touch screen operations, operation permissions, and parameter change calls, as well as motor frequency converter startup, are completed through the touch screen
1. ZD 40 Vibrant Cooler 0.4 KW4000x600x6001. Weight: 400kg
2. Materials of touching products made of SS304
3. Function: cool down the fortified rice after extruder
1. FS127 Air Conveyor Pipe [System] 170 mm dia 3 KW700×8001. Weight: 100kg
2. Materials:SS304
3. Function:To convey the products from cooler to vibrate dryer
1. Air Ciculation Dryer Electrical CUM Steam GJH5L1200-9D Heating 12*2.1m 117 KW
2. Ciculating fan GJH5L1200-9D 0.75 X5 3.75 KW
3. 0.11 + 1.1 drive motor 1.21 KW
4. Draft Fan GJH5L1200-9D 3 KW
12000x2100x26001. Drying time: 40min-100min
2. Operating temperature: 80–100℃
3. Net belt specification: effective width 1200mm
4. Weight: 6700kg
5. The whole stainless steel sealing plate and contact material of the equipment are made of 304 stainless steel.
6. Mesh belt in polyester mesh cloth, high penetration;
7. Equipped with multiple air circulation outlet, external circulation pipe, improve drying efficiency.
1. LQ 60 Cooling Conveyor 0.75 KW6000x1000x8001. Voltage: 415v
2. Contact material: stainless steel”

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