Pulses Huller

Pulses Huller
Pulses Huller


Highly qualified pulse huller removes hulls from any kind of grain. Equipped with advanced technology, it provides versatility and profitability. The frictional force between several grinding stones and sieves removes the cover or hulls of grains with ease.

  1. The grinding stones and sieves are adjustable for fine tuning and for more comfortable hull removal.
  2. Multiple grains can be handled in one machine. This is an all in one pulse huller.
  3. Pulses are fed into the milling chamber through gravity. There they are subjected to a frictional force of grinding stones and sieves that separate hulls from pulses.
  4. The gap between grinding stones and sieves can be finely tuned and adjusted as per the requirement for a particular grain. They come in various git sizes for easy processing, and less prone to breakage.
  5. Their power consumption is equal to half of the other average hullers. Thus it gives more production in less power consumption.
  6. The rubber seals between the stones prevent holding on to the residual product, that may lead to contamination and poor hygiene. These rubber seals ensure proper cleaning and maintain good hygiene.

Technical Specifications

ModelCapacityPower (hp)Dimension [L X W X H]weight in Kg
UPH-32 to 3101500X650X1450850
UPH-43 to 4151550X650X1450900

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