Paddy Separator

Paddy Separator
Paddy Separator


  • Sophisticated technology and high quality components are used to longevity and durability.
  • It is checked on different parameters to avoid any breakage or damage and to give good production.
  • It is so manufactured that when raw materials are put into it, it distinguishes and filters out them and deposits the residue and product separately.
  • Highly efficient machine easily separates the products and gives high production in low energy consumption.

Technical Specifications

ModelCapacity (t/h)Power (hp)Dimension [L X W X H]weight in Kg
UPS – 455 to 752120 X 1680 X 21401200
UPS – 606 to 852400 X 1780 X 21401300
UPS – 8012 to 167.52585 X 2080 X 26001500

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