Rice Silky Polisher


Rice polisher machine is suitable for large scale rice milling factories, as highly processing Under the friction effect both water and rollers, make the rice smooth and clean, and make the rice look are crystal clear meanwhile extending the preservation time of rice, the more rice polisher added the much better quality will be showed Operation panel.

1.High pressure air spray of water Polisher machine under the action of high pressure water mist into the polishing chamber, can make the rice's surface smooth and stable, Under the friction effect both rice and rollers, make it more smooth and clean.

2.Water Automatic Controlling Device To avoid of shutting down due to too much water and feeding, the machine is equipped with automatic water controlling device, non-feedings or too much feeding the pump will automatically shut down. When the volume reaches a certain point then the pump will open automatically.

3.Easy operation and maintenance The operation of this equipment is directly in front of the panel, on/off water ammeter is clear to avoid losses caused by operational errors The equipment is designed for quick removal and installation of the screen frame make time shorten for replacing sieves, and 4 sieves are alternate. So shorten the time of changing screen, cleaning, maintenance, improving work efficiency.

4.Accessories durability Polishing roller, bushing, screw conveyor and sieve they are all made of stainless steel to extend available time for using Further more, improves the health standards of rice.

Technical Specification

Model Capacity (t/h) Power (hp) Dimension [L X W X H] weight in Kg
UPS - 15004 to 5752660 X 980 x 1850 2200

UPS - 18005 to 61002960 X 980 X 18502500

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