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Rice Silky Polisher

Enhance the appearance and texture of rice grains with the state-of-the-art Rice Silky Polisher.
Rice Silky Polisher

For those committed to rice processing on a grand scale, the Rice Silky Polisher stands as a beacon of innovation and precision. This machine promises not just polished rice, but grains that gleam with unmatched clarity, embodying the epitome of quality.

Key Features of the Rice Silky Polisher:

  1. Designed for Large-scale Operations: The Rice Silky Polisher is specifically tailored for expansive rice milling facilities. Its high processing capacity ensures that vast quantities of rice are polished to perfection in every batch.
  2. Advanced Polishing Mechanism: The synergy of water and rollers creates an impeccable frictional effect. This not only ensures the rice is smooth and pristine but also extends its preservation period. The inclusion of more rice polishers guarantees an unparalleled quality of rice grains.
  3. High-Pressure Water Spray: Within the polisher, a high-pressure air spray releases a fine mist of water, ensuring the rice undergoes a thorough polishing process. The result is rice with an unmistakable sheen and unmatched cleanliness.
  4. Intelligent Water Control: The Rice Silky Polisher boasts an automatic water-controlling device. This ensures that the machine doesn’t halt due to excessive water or feeding. The in-built pump operates autonomously, shutting down and starting based on the volume of rice, ensuring a seamless operation.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Operational errors are a thing of the past. With a clear and direct operation panel, managing the polisher becomes effortless. Moreover, the equipment is designed for swift screen frame removal and installation, reducing sieve replacement time. With four alternate sieves, changing, cleaning, and maintenance become a breeze, enhancing overall work efficiency.
  6. Durable and Hygienic Accessories: The polishing roller, bushing, screw conveyor, and sieve are all crafted from stainless steel. This not only extends their durability but also ensures the rice meets the highest health standards.

Technical Insights:

ModelCapacity (t/h)Power (hp)Dimension [L X W X H]Weight in Kg
UPS – 15004 to 5752660 X 980 x 18502200
UPS – 18005 to 61002960 X 980 X 18502500
  • Model UPS – 1500: A robust model with a capacity of 4 to 5 tons per hour, it operates on a power of 5 hp. Measuring 2660 X 980 x 1850 in dimensions, it weighs 2200 kg.
  • Model UPS – 1800: The epitome of efficiency, this model boasts a capacity of 5 to 6 tons per hour and runs on 10 hp. Its dimensions stand at 2960 X 980 X 1850, weighing 2500 kg.

The Rice Silky Polisher is more than just a machine; it’s a revolution in rice processing. Combining cutting-edge technology with unparalleled efficiency, it promises rice grains that are not just polished, but truly radiant. Experience the next level of rice polishing with the Rice Silky Polisher. Your journey to shimmering, perfect rice begins here.

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