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Magnetic Separator

Experience efficient and precise separation of magnetic materials with the cutting-edge Magnetic Separator.
Magnetic Separator

In the world of bulk product processing, purity and quality assurance are paramount. The Unique Sorter Magnetic Separator emerges as a beacon of efficiency, specifically engineered to purge ferrous particles and ensure the utmost purity of your products.

A Glimpse into its Stellar Functionality: At the heart of the Unique Magnetic Separator is its powerful magnet, boasting a gauze range between 6000 – 9000. This magnet is encased meticulously in a robust steel body, ensuring that it operates at peak efficiency while maintaining its longevity. Additionally, the incorporated cleaning door simplifies maintenance, ensuring that the separator remains in top condition for prolonged periods.

A Deep Dive into Technical Excellence:

UMS – 6 0007 to 8
UMS – 90009 to 10
  • Model UMS – 6000: Designed for precision and efficiency, the UMS – 6000 model has a capacity range of 7 to 8 tons. Its unique magnet configuration ensures that even the minutest ferrous particle is efficiently captured, leaving behind a product that resonates with purity.
  • Model UMS – 9000: Stepping up the game, the UMS – 9000 model boasts a capacity range of 9 to 10 tons. Its enhanced magnet strength ensures that even in larger batches, the quality of the output remains uncompromised.

The Unique Sorter Magnetic Separator stands as a testament to the commitment towards ensuring product purity. In industries where even a trace of contamination can compromise quality, this magnetic separator acts as a reliable guardian, ensuring that every batch processed echoes the standards of excellence. For those seeking precision, purity, and peace of mind, the Unique Sorter Magnetic Separator is the definitive choice. Elevate your product quality and embrace a world free from ferrous contamination.

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