• With low noise production and less power consumption, destoner filters out stones and other unnecessary solid particles from the granular stuff such as rice, wheat etc. this machine is ideal because it produces very less noise, thus reducing sound pollution and low power consumption saves electricity.
  • The small dimension-ed machine that takes up less space but gives out more production. This machine can be placed in a small area as it is less horizontal and more vertically dimensioned. Also, due to its high production capacity, it produces more material in less space.
  • The tilted airflow and mechanical movement of the screen surface, allows only granular material to pass and keeps hold or blocks the big stones or solid substance. Air is made to flow on the title screen from top to bottom in high pressure, thus it pushes granular particles down and the mechanical movement of screen surface lets the granules move freely and fall through the screen.
  • Proper adjustment of air blow helps in easy filtration and DE-stoning but excessive pressure results to blow-off or blow-back. Blow-off the screen is known as blow-off and blowing back to air flow is blow-back.

Technical Specification

ModelCapacity (t/h)Power (hp)Dimension [L X W X H]weight in Kg
UD – 1208 to 100.5 hp X 21620 x 1550 x 1790575

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