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Elite Coffee Bean Sorter Machine

Elite Coffee Bean Sorter Machine, a pinnacle of precision and efficiency in the world of coffee sorting technology.
Elite Coffee Bean Sorter Machine
Elite Colour Sorter Machine

Introducing the Elite Coffee Bean Sorter Machine, a pinnacle of precision and efficiency in the world of coffee sorting technology. Engineered with the revolutionary JARVIS SYSTEM, this machine redefines quality control standards, ensuring that every coffee bean meets the highest level of perfection.

Here’s why the Elite Coffee Bean Sorter Machine stands out:

  • Cloud Brain Interconnection with JARVIS System: Seamlessly integrated with the cloud, our JARVIS SYSTEM offers unparalleled convenience in operation, allowing for effortless control and monitoring.
  • Online Fault Diagnosis: Stay ahead of potential issues with real-time fault diagnosis, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal productivity.
  • Remote Supervision: Monitor and adjust sorting settings from anywhere at any time, putting control in your hands regardless of your location.
  • Unmatched Stability: Experience stability beyond imagination, ensuring consistent and reliable sorting performance to keep your production running smoothly.
  • Rapid Data Analysis: With advanced SOC circuits, data analysis and defect detection are lightning-fast, guaranteeing swift and accurate sorting.
  • Intelligent Sorting with Automatic Sensitivity Setter: Adapt to the unique characteristics of each coffee bean for precise and consistent sorting results every time.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Operate with ease using the intuitive Windows Operating System interface displayed on a sleek 14″ screen.
  • Microscopic Defect Detection: Identify even the smallest imperfections, ensuring only the highest quality coffee beans make it through the sorting process.
  • Flip Sorting: Enhance accuracy and completeness with flip sorting capabilities, ensuring thorough inspection from all angles.
  • Intelligent Deashing: Keep imaging clear and unobstructed with module-wise wiping of viewing glass, even during extended sorting operations.

Smart vision camera:

With its SMART VISION CAMERA featuring advanced RGB Holographic HD imaging, the Elite Coffee Bean Sorter Machine sets a new standard in precision sorting:

  • High-Resolution Imaging: Capture every detail with an astounding 262 million pixel image resolution, leaving no imperfection unnoticed.
  • Innovative Optical System: Maximize image quality and sorting precision for unparalleled confidence in the sorting process.
  • 3D & HD Imaging: Scrutinize coffee beans from every angle and dimension, ensuring thorough inspection for quality control.
  • 360˚ Imaging Technology: Comprehensive coverage guarantees no defects slip through the cracks, maintaining impeccable quality standards.
  • Multi-Spectral Confocal Technology: Sort with precision based on versatile product characteristics, ensuring superior quality control.

Wise brain wisdom control screen:

Equipped with the Wise Brain Wisdom Control Screen, the Elite Sorter Machine delivers efficiency and innovation:

  • Black Shield Protection Technology: Ensure exceptional machine stability for uninterrupted sorting operations.
  • Central Position Elimination Technology: Target central positions with uniform forces for precise sorting outcomes.
  • Highly Integrated Communication System: Boost efficiency with faster computing and processing capacity.
  • User-Optimized Sorting Solutions: Tailor sorting solutions to your unique requirements for optimal results.
  • High-Performance Chutes with Heating System: Streamlined flow and uninterrupted operations are guaranteed, preventing choking of materials.
  • Ejectors with Metallic Body: Reliable and efficient ejectors ensure longevity and minimal air consumption.
  • Lighting Background: True color LED lighting offers enhanced sorting accuracy, providing efficient control over lighting conditions.
  • Low-Temperature Emitting LED Light Source: Durable and energy-saving, contributing to cost-efficiency and sustainability.
  • HOTSPOT Connectivity: Enjoy efficient online service and support, ensuring optimal machine performance at all times.

Product Specifications

USE – 4J+1872 * 1520 * 20905.0 – 7.02.4601050
USE – 5J+2186 * 1520 * 20906.0 – 8.03.0751210
USE – 6J+2540 * 1520 * 20907.0 – 9.03.6901390
USE – 7J+2854 * 1520 * 20909.0 – 11.04.11051490
USE – 8J+3168 * 1520 * 209011.0 – 13.04.71201645
USE – 10J+3796 * 1520 * 209012.0 – 14.07.91502050
USE – 13J+4780 * 1520 *209015.0 – 18.08.41952910

The Elite Coffee Bean Sorter Machine combines innovation, efficiency, and precision to elevate your coffee sorting processes to unprecedented levels of excellence.

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