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Elite Almonds Color Sorter Machine

Elevate your almond sorting processes and uphold the highest quality standards with this game-changing solution
Elite Almonds Color Sorter Machine
Elite Colour Sorter Machine

Introducing the Elite Almonds Color Sorter Machine, where latest technology meets unparalleled precision to revolutionize your sorting processes. With the power of the JARVIS SYSTEM and SMART VISION CAMERA, elevate your quality control standards and enhance sorting efficiency like never before.

Here’s why the Elite Almonds Color Sorter Machine stands out:

Elite soya beans sorter machine
  • JARVIS SYSTEM Integration: Seamlessly connect to the cloud brain for effortless operation and real-time fault diagnosis, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity.
  • SMART VISION CAMERA: Experience imaging excellence with an advanced RGB Holographic HD Camera boasting a staggering 262 million pixel resolution, leaving no imperfection unnoticed.
  • Intelligent Sorting Capabilities: Adapt to the unique characteristics of each almond with Automatic Sensitivity Setter and Shape Sorting, guaranteeing precise and consistent sorting results.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate operations effortlessly with a sleek 14″ display running on the Windows Operating System, making sorting intuitive and efficient.
  • Unmatched Stability: With Black Shield Protection Technology and Central Position Elimination, expect exceptional machine stability and precise sorting outcomes.
  • Rapid Data Analysis: Thanks to advanced SOC circuits, enjoy four times faster data analysis and elimination, ensuring swift and accurate defect detection.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Benefit from highly integrated communication systems and user-optimized sorting solutions, tailored to meet your unique requirements and maximize profitability.
  • Premium Build Quality: Featuring high-performance chutes with heating systems to prevent material choking, and ejectors with metallic bodies for reliability and efficiency.
  • Innovative Lighting: True color background LED lighting with 16 million color options ensures optimal lighting control for enhanced sorting accuracy.
  • HOTSPOT Connectivity: Stay connected with efficient online service, allowing for seamless machine adjustments and support, ensuring continuous operation.

Product Specifications

USE – 4J+1872 * 1520 * 20905.0 – 7.02.4601050
USE – 5J+2186 * 1520 * 20906.0 – 8.03.0751210
USE – 6J+2540 * 1520 * 20907.0 – 9.03.6901390
USE – 7J+2854 * 1520 * 20909.0 – 11.04.11051490
USE – 8J+3168 * 1520 * 209011.0 – 13.04.71201645
USE – 10J+3796 * 1520 * 209012.0 – 14.07.91502050
USE – 13J+4780 * 1520 *209015.0 – 18.08.41952910

The Elite Color Sorter Machine redefines precision sorting with its combination of advanced technology, intelligent features, and unmatched reliability. Elevate your sorting processes and uphold the highest quality standards with this game-changing solution.

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