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Elite Desi Chana Color Sorter Machine

Elite Desi Chana (Horse Gram) Color Sorter Machine, a pinnacle of precision sorting technology.
Elite Desi Chana Color Sorter Machine
Elite Colour Sorter Machine

Introducing the Elite Desi Chana (Horse Gram) Color Sorter Machine, a pinnacle of precision sorting technology designed to elevate your quality control standards and revolutionize your sorting processes. With its innovative features and latest capabilities, the Elite Color Sorter Machine ensures unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in sorting Desi Chana (Horse Gram) to perfection.

Elite Desi Chana (Horse Gram) Color Sorter Machine: Future of sorting

Elite Desi Chana (Horse Gram) Color Sorter Machine

Step into the future of sorting technology with the Elite Desi Chana (Horse Gram) Color Sorter Machine. Engineered with state-of-the-art features and intelligent systems, this machine redefines precision sorting, setting new standards in quality control and efficiency.

From its advanced JARVIS SYSTEM for cloud-based operation to its SMART VISION CAMERA with RGB Holographic HD imaging, every aspect of the Elite Color Sorter is designed to deliver unmatched performance and reliability. Whether it’s online fault diagnosis, remote supervision, or rapid data analysis, the Elite Color Sorter ensures seamless operation and superior sorting results, making it the ultimate choice for discerning manufacturers.

Key Points:

  • JARVIS SYSTEM: Cloud brain interconnection for easy operation, providing real-time online fault diagnosis and minimizing downtime.
  • SMART VISION CAMERA: Featuring advanced RGB Holographic HD imaging with 262 million pixel resolution and 3D & HD imaging capabilities for precise defect detection.
  • Intelligent Sorting: Automatic Sensitivity Setter adapts to product characteristics for precise and consistent sorting results.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Sleek 14″ display running on the Windows Operating System for intuitive and efficient operation.
  • Microscopic Defect Detection: Identifies defect sizes as small as 0.01 sq. mm, ensuring thorough sorting.
  • Flip Sorting: Enhances accuracy and completeness of sorting process by offering flip sorting capabilities.
  • Intelligent Deashing: Module-wise wiping of viewing glass ensures clear imaging during extended sorting operations.
  • Black Shield Protection Technology: Ensures exceptional machine stability for uninterrupted sorting operations.
  • Central Position Elimination Technology: Guarantees intelligent and precise sorting outcomes by targeting central position of each product.
  • Highly Integrated Communication System: Enhances overall efficiency of sorting process with faster computing and processing capacity.
  • User-Optimized Sorting Solutions: Collects data and memorizes daily sorting scenarios to optimize sorting solutions for unique requirements.
  • High-Performance Chutes: Slotted anodized chutes with smooth surfaces ensure streamlined flow of products, reducing jams.
  • Chute Heating System: Prevents choking of materials and ensures uninterrupted sorting operations.
  • Ejectors with Metallic Body: Feature serviceable, long-life metallic bodies for reliability and efficiency.
  • Lighting Background: True color background LED lighting with 16 million colors for enhanced sorting accuracy.
  • Low-Temperature Emitting LED Light Source: Durable and energy-saving, contributing to cost-efficiency and sustainability.
  • HOTSPOT Connectivity: Allows for efficient online service, machine setting adjustments, and support.

Product Specifications

USE – 4J+1872 * 1520 * 20905.0 – 7.02.4601050
USE – 5J+2186 * 1520 * 20906.0 – 8.03.0751210
USE – 6J+2540 * 1520 * 20907.0 – 9.03.6901390
USE – 7J+2854 * 1520 * 20909.0 – 11.04.11051490
USE – 8J+3168 * 1520 * 209011.0 – 13.04.71201645
USE – 10J+3796 * 1520 * 209012.0 – 14.07.91502050
USE – 13J+4780 * 1520 *209015.0 – 18.08.41952910

With the Elite Desi Chana (Horse Gram) Color Sorter Machine, precision sorting has never been easier or more efficient. Experience the future of sorting technology today.

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