Rice Shifter

Rice Shifter
Rice Shifter


  • Simple setup but a sturdy construction makes it easy to install and improves the longevity of the machine. It makes the machine less prone to breakage or damage and highly productive.
  • It can be easily operated. This means no requirement for any professional, it can be operated easily by anyone.
  • It is flexible for adding 4 to 5 plates. More number of plates increases the number of filtrates. Easy availability of more classified rice.
  • Plates or trays can be easily assembled and disabled thus it is easy to separate small broken, medium broken and head rice large broken.
  • The robust build makes sure the machine is strong and not easily broken or breakable and they have longer life and durability. Technical Specification

Technical Specifications

ModelCapacity (t/h)Power (hp)Dimension [L X W X H]weight in Kg
US -44 to 521655 X 1515 X 19801200

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