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Elite Black Chickpeas Colour Sorter Machine

The Elite kala channa color sorter machine with Jarvis System redefines precision sorting with intelligent technology.
Elite Black Chickpeas Colour Sorter Machine
Elite Colour Sorter Machine

Introducing the Elite Black Chickpeas/Kala Chana Color Sorter Machine, equipped with the revolutionary Jarvis System, setting new standards in precision sorting and intelligent technology. With its latest features and innovative design, this machine redefines quality control and sorting efficiency.

Here’s an in-depth look at its features:

Elite Black Chickpeas Kala Chana Colour Sorter Machine

Jarvis System: Cloud Brain Interconnection

  • Seamlessly connects to the cloud for easy operation and real-time data access.
  • Redefines quality control with intelligent technology, ensuring precise sorting outcomes.

Online Fault Diagnosis

  • Offers real-time online diagnosis of equipment faults for minimal downtime.
  • Provides perfect solutions to keep production running smoothly, maximizing operational efficiency.

Remote Supervision

  • Empowers users to supervise production, adjust sorting settings, and monitor operations from anywhere at any time.
  • Ensures control and oversight are at your fingertips for optimized performance.

Unmatched Machine Stability

  • Guarantees machine stability beyond imagination, ensuring consistent and reliable sorting performance.
  • Minimizes disruptions in production processes, enhancing overall efficiency.

Rapid Data Analysis

  • Utilizes advanced SOC circuits for four times faster data analysis and defect detection.
  • Ensures swift and accurate sorting, maximizing productivity.

Intelligent Sorting

  • Automatic Sensitivity Setter adapts sorting settings to the unique characteristics of each item.
  • Delivers precise and consistent sorting results with unmatched efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface

  • Features a sleek 14″ display running on the Windows Operating System for intuitive operation.
  • Enhances efficiency with a user-friendly interface, making sorting processes seamless.

Microscopic Defect Detection

  • Identifies defect sizes as small as 0.01 sq. mm, ensuring flawless sorting outcomes.
  • Leaves no room for imperfections to slip through the cracks, maintaining top-quality standards.

Flip Sorting

  • Offers flip sorting capabilities to enhance accuracy and completeness of the sorting process.
  • Ensures every item is sorted with precision, meeting the highest quality standards.

Intelligent Deashing

  • Module-wise wiping of the viewing glass ensures clear and unobstructed imaging.
  • Maintains optimal imaging quality even during extended sorting operations.

Product Specifications

USE – 4J+1872 * 1520 * 20905.0 – 7.02.4601050
USE – 5J+2186 * 1520 * 20906.0 – 8.03.0751210
USE – 6J+2540 * 1520 * 20907.0 – 9.03.6901390
USE – 7J+2854 * 1520 * 20909.0 – 11.04.11051490
USE – 8J+3168 * 1520 * 209011.0 – 13.04.71201645
USE – 10J+3796 * 1520 * 209012.0 – 14.07.91502050
USE – 13J+4780 * 1520 *209015.0 – 18.08.41952910

The Elite Series Color Sorter Machine with Smart Vision Camera brings intelligent vision for precise identification, revolutionizing precision sorting. With its advanced features and unparalleled technology, it elevates quality control standards and enhances sorting processes to unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency.

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