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Rice Whitener

Get perfectly polished rice with the advanced Rice Whitener.
Rice Whitener

In the realm of rice processing, the transition from brown rice to pristine white rice is a crucial one. The Unique Sorter Rice Whitener stands as a testament to innovation, bringing forth a transformative approach to this essential process. With a focus on efficiency, this machine is not just about whitening rice; it’s about doing so while ensuring the highest yield and the least breakage.

Redefining Efficiency Our Unique Whitener is meticulously designed to minimize power consumption, making it an eco-friendly choice for your milling needs. Its whitening chamber, coupled with a state-of-the-art aspiration system, is the heart of its efficiency. These components work in tandem, ensuring optimal utility and unmatched performance in every grain of rice.

Versatility Across Capacities The machine showcases versatility, with models tailored to cater to varied needs. Whether you’re a small-scale miller or operate at an industrial level, our range from 4tph to 12tph on paddy ensures there’s a Unique Sorter Rice Whitener just for you.

Delve into the Technicalities:

ModelCapacity (t/h)Power (hp)Dimension [L X W X H]weight in Kg
UR- 43 to 440-501450 X 1150 X 20801500
UR – 84 to 550-601620X 1180 X 21801700
UR- 126 to 860-752100 X 1350 X 24002100
  1. Model UR-4: Perfect for those seeking a compact yet powerful solution, the UR-4 offers a capacity of 3 to 4 tons per hour. With a power range of 40-50 hp, its dimensions stand at 1450 X 1150 X 2080 mm, and it weighs 1500 kg.
  2. Model UR-8: A step up in capacity, the UR-8 can handle 4 to 5 tons per hour. Operating within a power bracket of 50-60 hp, it boasts dimensions of 1620X 1180 X 2180 mm and weighs in at 1700 kg.
  3. Model UR-12: For those seeking the pinnacle of capacity, the UR-12 is the choice. Capable of processing 6 to 8 tons per hour, it operates within a 60-75 hp range. With dimensions measuring 2100 X 1350 X 2400 mm, it stands as the heavyweight champion at 2100 kg.

The Unique Sorter Rice Whitener is not just a machine; it’s a promise of quality, efficiency, and unmatched performance. Whether you’re in the business of rice milling or seek the best for personal endeavors, this is the gold standard in rice whitening. Elevate your rice processing journey with a touch of uniqueness and precision. Welcome to the future of rice milling.

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