Rice Whitener

Rice Whitener
Rice Whitener


Model UR– 4, UR – 8, UR – 12

Unique whitener is used for converting brown rice to white rice. The machine is designed to achieve maximum yield by minimizing the broken with optimum power consumption.

The whitening chamber and aspiration system is well designed for better efficiency and utility. The machine models in the capacity ranging from 4tph to 12 tph on paddy.

Technical Specification

ModelCapacity (t/h)Power (hp)Dimension [L X W X H]weight in Kg
UR- 43 to 440-501450 X 1150 X 20801500
UR – 84 to 550-601620X 1180 X 21801700
UR- 126 to 860-752100 X 1350 X 24002100

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